We are committed to empowering our clients to share their narrative. At HSA Design we grow and thrive when we get to play a part in the stories of our client community. Throughout our history, we have developed strong relationships that shape us as an organization. Our story is not the story of HSA Design: it is the shared story of every client, stakeholder, and organization that has impacted us for the last three decades.




Established in 1995, HSA Design Inc. is a interdisciplinary design consulting firm focused on providing holistic and innovative solutions for clients in the corporate, retail, and residential spheres. Our practice philosophy ensures an appropriate balance between clients’ mandates and design solutions, the creative and practical procedures required for optimal results, and costs associated with a high-quality end product. 


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Heather Sarna and Associates is recognized as a leader in the interior design discipline, and believes that respect is an essential element of excellent design. Whether it is respect for the environment by incorporating sustainable design, or for the opinions of the client and consultant team we are working with, we ensure that respect is prioritized throughout the project.

Our sustainable design approach is based on creating environments that have longevity. At the onset of each project we review both the client’s short and long term needs. Using our design experience as well as state-of-the-art technology, products, and building systems, HSA Design develops a solution that is tailored to meet each client’s unique requirements.




The human experience is at the centre of all design. We never lose sight of the importance of comfort, usability, and peace of mind. The spaces we inhabit shape and are shaped by our stories and perspectives. Grounding our values in the narratives our spaces convey fundamentally humanizes design: putting people and their lives at the centre of what we do, at every step of the process.



Sharing our stories is fundamental to the human experience. A space is never for one person alone: it molds the interactions of those who occupy it, and conveys a narrative to everyone who visits. We understand that the telling of stories depends on community. Your story belongs to your community; those who enter your space become part of that community and narrative. Our designs are unique, but never individualistic. We always consider the effects and influence of the space on the community, and the community on the space we design.



Design permeates everything we do. Our habits, values, and goals shape our lives in deliberate and unconscious ways. The spaces we live and work in must complement and enhance the design of our daily lives. Understanding the aspirations and values of our clients is essential to HSA’s method and design philosophy. We believe that all aspects of our operations, including our own organizational structure and impact on the environment, are relevant to our design process and results.

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Our actions and processes are deeply influenced by our values.


Community Consultations

Evaluating community impact is essential to our methodology. We have experience in community consultation and involvement, striving to include all stakeholders in the decision-making process, while maintaining a timely and efficient workflow.

Environmental Responsibility

Sustainable design starts with sustainable designers. In an industry dominated by paper copies and prints, we have made the decision to become a paperless office. Understanding the impact of sustainable practices is essential to developing sustainable options for our clients and stakeholders.

Corporate Structure

The 21st Century has brought a new outlook on the structures of businesses and workplaces. To understand the needs of our clients, we must know first-hand what these changes mean. HSA Design has undertaken a re-evaluation of our own practices at every level of the company, facilitating a horizontal, sustainable, and socially responsible business model in line with changing practices.

Our own experiences allow us to guide our clients in all levels of restructuring, matching your space to your own corporate philosophy and methodology, across a spectrum of traditional and contemporary management styles.

Unique, individuated designs

Our portfolio is as varied as the needs of our clients and their communities. At HSA Design, we take the time to adopt your perspective and situation while providing design solutions. Empathy is fundamental to good interior design. With a deep understanding of the functionality of the designs we create, our clients enjoy dynamic spaces that fit their needs and lifestyles.

Community Involvement

We are proud to support groups and charities in our community that help strengthen the bonds that link us together. Heather’s commitment to the community extends into her personal life, serving on various boards throughout her professional career.